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Junior H-F

Junior H-F is a type of hidden fastener steel roofing designed specifically for smaller-scale projects. Featuring interlocking panels that snap together securely, Junior H-F is easy to install and provides a clean, modern look that is sure to enhance the appearance of any home or building.

Hidden Fastener (H-F) Steel Roof

Designed for residential and commercial buildings, our Junior H-F steel roofing panel gives them the attractive traditional style and appearance of classic buildings with standing seam roofs and higher market value.

The Junior H-F panel is manufactured from .016 in. thick (29 Gauge) Galvalume pre-painted steel in 16-inch (406 mm) widths. It is pre-punched for screws with nylon washers allowing for adjustment to the natural expansion and contraction of the steel. It is coated with a high quality Perspectra Plus SeriesTM / WeatherXLTM paint whose quality and performance specification offers 40 years of film integrity. It is available in several trendy colours reflecting the sun’s ultraviolet and infrared rays and reducing the heat island effect in compliance with LEED® credit requirements.

Once installed on a solid backing, the Junior H-F steel roofing panel is secured with hidden fasteners. Striations add strength and rigidity to the panel and stiffener ribs can be removed upon request.

Recent new technology breakthroughs and product design allow us to manufacture the Junior H-F steel roofing panel while maintaining our 40-year limited warranty.

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